I made a big old batch of my favorite raw tabbouleh salad lastnight for a friend and I for a dinner.  She brought along some arugala and we put the tabbouleh on a bed of arugala, it was awesome!  So the reason why this is such a good salad, besides that it is all raw, but because it is all veggies.  The bulgur that would be in a traditional tabbouleh salad in this case, it cauliflower.  I know that cauliflower is not everyone's favorite vegetable, but it is so good for you, its packed with vitamins and minerals, and protien.  And it belongs to the brassica family, like broccoli, and has cancer fighting and anti cancer properties.  Its high in dietary fiber and folate...all around it has a dense nutritional value.  So substituting the cauliflower for the bulger really packs a punch to this salad, making it really Super Food!

All you have to do is core and quarter the whole head, and put one quarter at a time in the processor untill broken up into tiny bulger sized pieces, not pureed. Dont add water, and pulse the processor, or on low, don't over process it, or it will be mush.  Once you have all your cauliflower processed, pour in the lemon juice.  I ended up using 4 or 5 small organic lemons in this salad, because it was so large.  You could easily make only half the batch, but I like to just do it up, and eat off of it for a few days.  Then just chop up all the remaining ingredients, and toss together, taste and adjust.
here is the list of ingredients:

Raw Tabbouleh:
One head of cauliflower
6-7 roma tomatos, diced
a lot of parsley, one whole bunch? fine-coarsely chopped
a few large scallions, or alot of small ones, sliced thin
good hadfull of fresh mint, fined chopped 
one long cucumber, or two smaller ones, peeled, and diced
4 big cloves of garlic, minced
olive oil
juice of 4-5 lemons
black pepper 

I like to chop the fresh parsley and mint first and mix it in with the cauliflower, then add the cucumbers and tomatoes and scallions last, and dress it with olive oil and salt and pepper, taste and add more lemon or salt to it, or not, it may be perfect!
I brough this salad over to some friends with gluten intolerances lastnight.  So as you can imagine, they were very pleased to have a tabbouleh salad that they could have, without the glutenous bulger.  They couldnt even tell it was cauliflower, the flavor of tabbouleh just took over any other cauliflower flavors that may have lingered otherwise.  I enjoy the flavor of cauliflower, but I don't pick it up at all in this salad.  It has the same texture as a traditional tabbouleh!

So a girl friend and I had a quiet diner lastnight with some wine, and we enjoyed this salad over arugala, and had raw dolmas, and a papaya and ancho chile salad as well.  It was a fantastic, flavorful and fulfilling meal!  Thanks, Sarana, for bringing the arugala and the wine, and for making the papaya salad, and sharing!