One of my favorite things to make is Nori Rolls.  Looks like Sushi, you say?  Well, technically speaking, the word "Sushi" translates to "with rice", and since I am writing about eating a raw vegan diet, we will not be cooking rice to put into the rolls.  One of my favorite fillings to substitute for rice, is a raw nut pate.  Raw nut pate is one thing I have not written about yet on this blog.  I don't know why, really, because I make it all the time, and it is so simple, and its a great thing to make a big batch of, and keep it in the fridge, you can do a lot with it, infact, today I made spinach rolls filled with raw nut pate.  OOOH! I just had an idea, make the raw nut pate with dill and onion, and make raw dolmas with fresh grape leaves...hmmm, I will work on that one soon!

Raw Nut Pate
Raw almonds (soaked, and skinned, if you please)
raw sunflower seeds (soaked)
fresh lemon juice
fine diced onion
fine diced celery
chopped parsley
Shoyu or other salt
(sometimes I put kelp powder in)

process raw nuts and lemon juice and Shoyu till smooth (I have been using the solid plate on my Champion Juicer- but a processor will work).  Hand mix in the rest of the ingredients, and youre done!  Taste and adjust flavor if desired.

I collected a nori roll video on the Radical Ways YouTube Channel by Ani Phyo, raw food chef in San Francisco.  She makes a filling very similar to this one, but instead of savory seasonings like I do, she made it with ginger and garlic. YUM!  I think this would be good with some wasabi powder as well.  The best thing about making nori rolls in the raw, is that you can stuff them with whatever you like.  I have made them with chunky guacamole, and with hummus, 
or with just veggies.
Here is a run  of photos to help you figure out how to do this:
So, I know that this particular set of pictures was nori rolls made with hummus.  But basically, all you do is put your filling down on the dry nori sheet. and layer up veggies.  I like to put leafy greens down, this one has some lettuce and mustard greens, but I love to put beet greens and spinach in as well.  Next layer on your jullianned veggies, like cucumbers, raddishes, carrots, avocado, green onions, sprouts,,, the possibilities are endless, even kohlrabi!
then roll up tight.  You can use a bamboo sushi roller, it works great.  Then using a VERY sharp, even a serated knife if you have one, cut up into bite sized pieces.  I like to dip them in a bit of Shoyu (fermented soy sauce, nama Shoyu is unpasturized, so you can still be in the raw.  
Also, if you want to keep in the raw, you can find raw nori, or untoasted nori.

Get creative, and enjoy!  Good Luck!